Do people not leave LFR at Garrosh anymore? Why do I keep getting stuck with these fresh runs. Fuck.



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As a followup to yesterday’s update, here is the ‘super-heroine’ variant of yesterday’s anti-heroine design.

I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to work on these!

You can grab a print HERE or take it home on a tshirt or other goodies!

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i was going to try to justify this in the captions but there’s really no way to do that. my only excuse is that it is far too late and i am far too unsupervised to be using the internet in any productive manner

(i keep getting the feeling that someones done this exact thing already especially irt to the last one but for now im just gonna assume im meaninglessly second guessing myself)

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So whenever I get onto a new game I like going through the artwork and PSDs the developers send us. On a previous game I was clicking off layers looking to see if there were any unused things I could… well use, and I found buried treasure.

One of the background layers looked like just a bunch of leaves. I turned off the last layer before it and it wasn’t just a bunch of leaves, it’s a fucking LotR screenshot and Gimli’s face is right there behind the elf I just toggled off. The other side of the office was wondering what was so funny.

And today on another game I was going through and it was actually really cool - it’s the first time I’ve seen the entire work, layers for lineart, shading, coloring, the whole shebang in one image unflattened. Anyway I was toggling the sketches to see their rough drafts and compositions and at the very bottom layer there’s a fucking Homestuck doodle with some Korean I couldn’t read.

Surprise, it’s Eridan chasing Sollux.

why did I order a large, that whole thing’s in my stomach now.